Louis Habeck

     Louis was born and currently resides in Billings, MT. He graduated from The University of Montana in 2011 receiving a Bachelor of Fine Art with an emphasis in photography; however, his body of work reveals his abilities as an interdisciplinary artist.

     Louis' interest and expertise over the last decade as a portrait photographer came from assisting and studying from Andrew Habeck– his fashion photographer Uncle who currently lives in Barcelona. A portfolio of Louis' portrait work can be found under Photographer.

     In 2015 Louis was chosen for an Artist's Innovation Award by the Montana Arts Council and has demonstrated his innovative sculpting techniques for classes at various colleges, conferences, and art institutions across Montana and Wyoming. Whether through painting or sculpture, Louis prefers to depict peculiar, melancholy creatures: investigating the dark transitional times in their lives. A selection of a few of his creations can be found under Artist.